There are numerous types of scuba diving equipment to purchase before heading off on a diving session and scuba fins are one of the necessities.  As an inexperienced scuba diving, it may be confusing as there are various scuba fins from which to choose.  While the traditional and most basic style is the most common option; it is important to note that the various alternatives can be as effective and should be examined.  The majority of the new options offered by manufacturers are able to assist with effective diving due to the technical designs and engineering, but this can confuse individuals and finding a suitable fin may be challenging.  To assist with the decision this article will provide some information on how, as a beginner, to choose the most effective scuba fins.


Despite the fascinating technical and complex features of the technologically advanced scuba fins, many inexperienced divers tend to be more comfortable using traditional options.  Do not be deceived, the traditional option is not always a bad option.  The main function of a scuba fin irrespective of the type of fin chosen is to help improve diving while keeping the user comfortable.  If you feel uncomfortable in any way, it is unlikely that the fins will work in the manner intended.  The technically improved scuba fins may create a greater kicking efficiency; however, this is only achieved if the user is completely comfortable with the style and fit.  Only when a person is truly comfortable with their fins will they be able to utilize them effectively.

In order to choose the ideal type of scuba fins for the diving session, it is highly recommended that you research each style accordingly.  The first style to be examined is the basic, traditional paddle fins.  The paddle scuba fin can present in two different types: the full foot type or the adjustable heel strap design.  In the majority of scuba diving situations, individuals will opt for the adjustable heel strap design to allow for extra kicking with a more secure fit.  It is typically seen that the full foot fin is seen in snorkeling situations.  The traditional paddle style operates by moving water up and down while the person kicks and is complimented by divers during free diving and in ocean currents.

The second type of scuba fins to be researched and considered is the bio-fin.  The bio-fin is a type of scuba fin that presents as an altered paddle fin with splits or vents to increase kicking force.  The typical bio-fin will appear with a division of the paddle fin into two parts.  The division is created with a sliver being removed from the middle of the fin in a vertical manner and it is this that increases the velocity of the kicking action.  Some divers feel that the bio-fin is the most capable type of scuba fin after the basic paddle option; however, choosing the scuba fin most suitable for your needs should be based on comfort.

The final type of fin to be researched is the force fin.  This form of scuba fin is considerably smaller than other styles but can provide equally forcible kicking efficiency.  The force fin appears in a similar structure to a miniature whale tail which is the reason why they are so effective despite their small size.